About Bryana Clover

Educator, Activist and

Truth Teller

Bryana is a published co-author and a race equity educator and facilitator for both individuals and organizations. She has a demonstrated history of working in various strategic marketing roles within the Corporate sector, where she has acquired the skill and passion for facilitating brave conversations that turn complex problems into actionable solutions. Bryana helps forward-thinking organizations create brave spaces to have tough conversations about race and inclusivity without causing harm or overwhelm. 

Clients and colleagues have described Bryana as a passionate leader who is skilled at tackling challenges with a fierce energy, while creating an engaging environment for everyone. She has a lifetime of experience as a bi-racial Black woman and over five years experience in intentional deconstructing and healing. She is here to honor her ancestors in the service of speaking truth to power. She is here to guide white women on a journey of self-reflection and digging deep into uncovering their own racial identities and how that impacts the way they show up in the world. She is here to empower women of African descent to rediscover their Divine BirthRight and to reconnect with the ancient wisdom of their ancestors. 

Bryana’s work in racial justice is inextricably linked with her spirituality, and she’s passionate about bringing others along this lifetime journey of collective growth and love. She believes in the transformative power of knowledge, coupled with reflection. In a nutshell, she ignites the power within others to make authentic change that leads to racial healing and liberation. Bryana guides others to overcome their fears and to be BRAVE.

Bryana is a Michigan-native. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing, and a Master’s Certificate from UNCC: Anti-Racism in Urban Education. She is the Founder and CEO of Bryana Clover LLC and Clover Joy Collective, a store and wellness center in Lansing, Michigan. Learn more https://www.bryanaclover.com