Who is called to the ministry of spiritual direction?

People who are called to be spiritual directors often have the following gifts and graces:
  • in love with God and desire to grow ever more deeply in love
  • the gift of being able to listen deeply – “holy listening”
  • the capacity to sit with those who are suffering and in pain
  • sufficient spiritual maturity to put their own agenda aside and allow Spirit to work in and through them in the direction relationship
  • a person to whom others are naturally drawn and able to trust and share their confidences
  • deeply committed to their own continued spiritual growth
  • capable of and willing to self-reflect
People who are in the ministry of Spiritual Direction are expected to:
  • complete a rigorous training program specific to Spiritual Direction (generally these programs are a minimum of 2 years in length)
  • meet with their own spiritual director regularly
  • participate in either individual or group supervision
  • attend a retreat for themselves at least once annually

What happens in a spiritual direction meeting with a director?

Spiritual direction sessions usually last about 1 hour.  It is a conversation between the director and the directee, with the directee doing most of the talking.  Here are some of the questions people often think about before a spiritual direction session:

  • Have I noticed any particular themes in my time of quiet and prayer?
  • Where did I meet Christ during the past month?  What was that experience like?
  • What scriptures, book passage, movie, or even TV input stirred up something in my soul?  Talk about that stirring.
  • During the past month, when/where I have experienced some resistance to God’s prompting?  
  • Was there a time when I experienced a longing for God?  When?  What was that like?
  • What faith or spiritual questions have been raised by the “happenings” of the last month?
  • When have I struggled with knowing what God is asking of me?
  • When did I experience God’s unconditional love?  
  • Who is the God I met during this past month? (what images of God were present for me?)