Spiritual Directors

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The following spiritual directors have been vetted, meeting the following criteria:
1) They have completed a spiritual direction formation program and received a certificate of completion.
2) They meet regularly with their own spiritual director and also meet regularly with a supervisor or with a peer supervision group.
3) They agree to abide with the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Code of Ethics.
4)They agree to participate in continuing formation opportunities.

Dennis Adams
City: Greenville, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Christian – United Methodist
Email: dadams@nccumc.org
Phone: 252-916-7927
Profile: I am a retired United Methodist Pastor. I completed the Spiritual Directors program Sursum Corda, completed the Shalem program for Contemplative prayer, and Completed my D.Min. in Spiritual Formation at Columbia Theological Seminary. I have been actively offering spiritual direction for the past 16 years. (Dennis is not currently accepting any new directees.)

Cate Alexander
City: Chapel Hill, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Christian
Email: alexandercatherineb@gmail.com
Focus Area: Individual and group spiritual direction, contemplative prayer  
Profile: Contemplative and practice-based spiritual direction with companions of various ages, walks of life and beliefs.  Exploring faith, spiritual experiences, beliefs, questions, gifts, calls, and next steps in life. 

Melissa Auten
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Methodist/Franciscan Spirituality
Email: auten.melissa@yahoo.com
Phone: 919-810-8593
Website: http://mosaicheart.net
Focus Areas: Pastoral care, contemplative spirituality, Wisdom lineage
Profile: Broad based practice working with people of all ages, laity and clergy, church affiliated/SBNR/questioning. See full details on my website.

Paul Castelli
City: Wilson, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Episcopalian
Email: paul.h.castelli@gmail.com
Focus Areas: Anglican Spirituality, 12-Step Spirituality, Discernment, Vocations, Contemplative Prayer and Meditation, Retreats
Profile: I have been in recovery since 2011 and ordained an Episcopal priest since 2016. I meet with seekers, sinners, saints, and skeptics exploring the presence and activity of God in their everyday lives.

Jean Costa
City: Cary, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Catholic
Email: jeanannecosta@gmail.com
Phone: 919) 632-4951
Website: www.jeancosta.com
Focus Areas: Cancer & Grief
Profile: By nurturing your spirit, your life can become richer and more rewarding. As your spiritual companion, I can support you in this journey.

Claire Cox-Woodlief
City: Apex/Cary/Raleigh/Holly Springs, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Christianity
Email: claire@ccwtransformation.com
Phone: 919-414-7010
Website: https://ccwtransformation.com/
Focus Areas: Ignatian Spiritual Direction, pastoral care, people of all faiths
Profile: Claire Cox-Woodlief offers spiritual care to anyone who desires a deeper relationship with God, those in discernment of next steps in their faith journey, people who have been marginalized and those discerning a call to ministry. 

Joyce Day
City: Winterville, NC
Languages: English
Email: reviday@gmail.com
Phone: (252) 347-3609

Lori Eichel
City:  Chapel Hill, NC
Languages:  English 
Affiliation:  Christian  
Email:  lorieichel@gmail.com 
Phone:  919-260-6296 
Focus Area:  Ignatian Focused Spiritual Direction 
Profile:  Trained through a four-year program with Fairfield University to companion people of all faiths in their journey to grow closer to the God of their understanding. Lori is trained in offering the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, Group Spiritual Direction and Eight Day Ignatian Guided Retreats.

Khris Ford
City: Holly Springs/Cary/Apex, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Methodist
Email: khrissford@gmail.com
Phone: 512-923-4690
Focus Areas: Grief, Loss, life transitions, spiritual crisis, discernment, Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, using the arts in spiritual direction. Supervision of spiritual directors
Profile: My spirituality has been shaped by my experiences of loss. I believe the heartbeat of Christ, the rhythm of each day is that of passion, death and resurrection. That is, we daily live the Paschal Mystery. Finding the face of Christ in all of creation is my daily walk.

Scott Gilfillan
City: Hickory, NC
Languages: English and some Spanish
Email: sdgilfillan@catholicconference.org
Website: mymorningreflections.com
Focus Areas: Discernment, Spiritual Growth, Minstry
Profile: I am a father of three, a deacon, and the director of a retreat center. I enjoy accompanying people from all walks of life searching for a deeper spiritual connection.

Mary Glazer
City: Greenville, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Quaker
Email: mkglazer@me.com
Website: mkglazer.com
Profile: I welcome all who feel God’s invitation into deeper relationship, seeking to live evermore faithfully in vital relationship with the Divine. It is my joy and honor to serve BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and military, as well as people of all faith traditions or none. I also provide supervision for spiritual directors.

Carol Gregg
City: Durham, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Presbyterian Church (USA)
Email: carolmgregg@gmail.com
Focus Area: Individual spiritual direction; discernment and transitions; vocation, employment, and calling; young adults, clergy and church workers.
Profile: I believe spiritual direction is one means of responding to God’s invitation to a deeper relationship with the Divine, resulting in a life increasingly filled with faith, hope, and love.

Patty Hanneman
City:  Durham, NC
Languages:  English
Affiliation:  Unitarian Universalism
Email:   pattyhanneman@gmail.com
Website: https://www.soulfuljourneycollective.com
Phone:  (919) 824-9343
Focus Area:  deepening soulful living
Profile: Certified as a spiritual director through the Haden Institute, with 12 years experience as a parish minister and 3 years as campus minister at Duke.

Melody Harrel
City: Hillsborough, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
Email: mel@africaexchange.org
Website: https://www.tendingthesoul.space
Focus Area: Being awake to our own lives, Contemplative prayer practices, Being at crossroads and times of decision making, Enneagram, Growing in our lives in God.
Profile: I find companionship so valuable in our spiritual and life journeys. Life is too hard to go it alone. I seek to listen deeply and understand how God is speaking and present in our lives.

Jim Hynes
City: Chapel Hill, NC
Languages: English
Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Email: jimhynes.sd@gmail.com
Phone: 919-929-2157
Website: https://stmchapelhill.org/people/jim-hynes
Focus Areas: Ignatian Spirituality, Spiritual Gifts Discernment
Profile: I bring a mature and compassionate expression of the Catholic faith, seeking the abundant life promised by Jesus. I am trained in Ignatian spirituality, and am a Spiritual Gifts Counsellor with the Catherine of Siena Institute. 

Becky Hambrick
City:  Cary, NC
Languages:  English 
Affiliation:  Presbyterian Church USA 
Email:  beckyhambricksd@gmail.com 
Phone:  919-219-5676 
Focus Areas:  Spiritual Direction, Dream Work, Enneagram, SoulCollage 
Profile:  As a certified Spiritual Director with advanced training in dreamwork, the Enneagram and SoulCollage®, I create sacred space for exploring and deepening your spiritual journey.

Sue Ann Jatko
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages: English
Email: jhsajatko@bellsouth.net
Phone: (919) 412-4284
Profile: Called to the ministry of spiritual direction as a way to serve the God of Light and Love by walking beside others in seeking a deeper relationship with the Divine Mystery

Rabbi Raachel Jurovics
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages:  English
Affiliation:  Jewish Renewal
Email:  raachelj@igc.org
Phone:  919-812-4930
Focus Areas:  Deep Ecumenism: more than 20 years of experience sitting with spiritual seekers, most of them Christian, most of them clergy. 
Profile:  I recently retired from my pulpit at Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community, which I founded in 2010, and am serving as Rabbi in Residence to the Episcopal Diocese of NC. My training was under the supervision of The Rev. Dr. James A. Devereux, SJ and Rabbi Dr. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, the founder of the Jewish Renewal movement.  In more than two decades of practice, I have been honored to help shape the Spiritual Direction training program of the Jewish Renewal Seminary, and to share in the spiritual journeys of rabbinic students in that program as well as the journeys of predominantly Christian clergy and spiritual direction students.

Cynthia Neely
City:  Pittsboro, NC
Languages:  English 
Affiliation:  Roman Catholic
Email:  neelycynthia@gmail.com 
Phone:  606-923-0437 
Website:  https://stmchapelhill.org/people/cindy-neely 
Focus Areas:  Individual, Group Spiritual Direction and Retreat Direction in the Ignatian tradition.
Profile:  Cindy defines her spiritual direction practice as accompanying those seeking healing and integration of body, mind, and spirit in order to live from their authentic self the full gospel of their life. Cindy currently limits her practice to seekers desiring to pray The Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (19 th Annotation) in daily
life and those seeking a silent directed retreat in the Ignatian tradition.

Amanda Rigby
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages: English
Email: arigby@nccumc.org
Focus Areas: Addiction, Alcoholism, BIPOC, Children/Teens, Couples/Families, Divorced/Widowed, Ecospirituality/Nature-based, Elderly/Mature, Enneagram, Grief and Loss, Incarceration/Justice/Legal, Latin American Cultures, LGBTQIA+, Mental Health/Depression, Mindfulness/Meditation, People with Disabilities, Women’s Issues, Young Adults
Profile: Amanda is passionate about healing and wholeness, spiritual exploration and companionship, and journeying alongside spiritual seekers, clergy, and others who are longing for spiritual growth. https://www.thewellmentalandspiritualcare.org

Tasha Roraback
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages: English
Email: tasha.roraback@gmail.com
Focus Areas: One-on-one direction, life transitions, college/young adult, women’s issues and all seeking to examine their inner life and movements of the Divine.
Profile: I completed my training through the NC Institute of Spiritual Direction & Formation. I desire to companion others as they discover and become more aware of the Divine within and around them.

Becky Stafford
City: Cary, NC
Languages: English
Email: becky.stafford.nc@gmail.com
Phone: 919-469-4608
Website: http://www.questioninquiet.com/
Profile: I have been serving as a Spiritual Director since 2011, graduating from the Spiritual Director Formation Program of Sursum Corda in 2011. Surusm Corda was founded by a team of Episcopalians from Upstate South Carolina and based on the Shalem program.

Lindsay Stevenson
City: Raleigh, NC
Languages: English
Email: Lindsaystevenson01@gmail.com
Website: Lindsaystevenson.com
Focus Areas: Contemplative based individual spiritual direction: college/young adults, women’s issues, discernment/ life transitions, calling/vocation, educators, and all seeking more spiritual care for the deepest and truest parts of themselves.
Profile: I completed training through the NC Institute of Spiritual Direction and Formation. I am passionate about helping others feel known, seen, and loved in the presence of God on their journey of faith.

Gladys Whitehouse
City:  Raleigh, NC
Languages:  English and Spanish
Affiliation: Roman Catholic
Email: gladys.whitehouse@gmail.com
Phone: 919-906-0289
Focus Area:  Contemplative and Franciscan Spirituality, Spiritual Exercises, Individual and Group Spiritual Direction. retreats
Profile:  I am a Secular Franciscan; retired from church ministry, having worked in the area of Family life, and parent of a daughter with Down syndrome and LGBTQ.

In addition to our vetted list of spiritual directors, you may also choose to seek someone outside our network.
Read this resource for practical tips and questions about beginning to work with a spiritual director or companion.

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